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6 January
You won't find too much here on my personal journal; just the occasional rant that will probably bore you. Feel free to friend me, however, if we have something in common. Most of my fanfic is publicly posted directly to my favourite comms:

Adama/Roslin (BSG)
about_time Feel free to join us for discussions, pretty pics every day, icons, vids, insane fangirling, and to read (or post) long form fanfic centred on Bill and Laura.
ar_drabbles Where you'll find drabbles/ficlets of 300 words or less starring Bill and Laura.
adams_verse A fanfic series that the wonderfully talented bugsfic and I write. In this a/u, set in 1939 San Francisco, there is drama and romance between Bill and Laura Adams as we pay homage to many classic movies, such as The Thin Man and Woman of the Year.

Major Crimes:
mc_mothership Of course I had to watch Major Crimes seeing it stars MM. I have fallen in love with Sharon's interactions with Rusty, and have started a comm dedicated to their special relationship. Feel free to go there to post fic, icons etc, and to have discussions about the characters.
crimes_scene Another comm where you can join me to basically rave and rant about Major Crimes.
raydorflynn As I ploughed my way through the seven seasons of The Closer, I did see something between these two characters. Pimping akachankami's comm.
evidence_locker will help you with canon facts from the show. Pimping bugsfic's comm
mc_screencaps If you're into fanart or just looking for a screencap. akachankami's absolutely amazing comm for caps from each eppy.

Dowton Abbey:
lovebelowstairs Discussions, fanfic, icons, vids, fangirling and news about all the 'downstairs' characters and actors. You'll find lots of my lovely Hughes/Carson there.
downton100 You'll find fanfic 300 words or less written for fortnightly challenges. This comm is for any character and/or ship from the show, so you're sure to find someone you like!

David Strathairn
davidstrathairn How does this man not have more fans? Seriously? He's gorgeous. I'll happily fangirl him with you. You'll also find picspams, icons, fanfic, reviews and news.

Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos
me_chat Reviews and discussions about movies and television programmes my two favourite actors have starred in.

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